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1:18 p.m. - 2006-06-29
Floppy salads and ass cakes.
So, an old yoga friend of mine suggested to me that I get a Neti Pot to wash my sinuses with every day instead of taking allergy meds, etc. The idea is to plus this little tea pot contraption into one nostril, while bending over the sink with your head to one side, letting the salt water flush through your nose and sinuses and coem out the other nostril.

I followed the instructions to a T and you know what? I have used it for two days, and I feel like my sinuses are ill. I know I'm not ill, but I feel ill. Like my sinuses are in an uproar.

I don't think I've managed to get all the water out. I bent over several times blew my nose, shook my head, but I still feel like my sinuses are full and they burn a little.

Maybe too much salt? Too little salt?

I'm gonna keep trying it for a few more days to see if its one of those things where it gets worse before it gets better or something.

Leave it to me to much something like this up.

If there are any experienced users or ayervedic practitioners reading - I'd appreciate some advice!

Maybe that nose ring is a bad idea for now, as captainron advised...

I'm still looking for a convincing stick on I can try out. If it looks good and sticks well, I'd be happy not to put a hole through my snout.

Hey, I got one of those Mc D's asian chicken salads for lunch today, and it totally sucked. The chicken was good, but salty, but they put loads of thawed out frozen veggies on it that make it soppy wet and gross. Plus, the kitchen people sprayed tons of sauce on it. Why bother selling salad dressing if you're gonna drown the damn thing anyway?

A-Wendy's I will go for my salads from now on. I've never had a gross one there.

If you read "theoutpost" (aka sixweasels), you will now know that I am making an ass cake for the asshole party Saturday. I'm not Martha St&wart, but I am one creative, adventurous cook. Just wait. Maybe we'll post pictures for your enjoyment.


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