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10:06 a.m. - 2006-07-11
Heaven and free bodywork.
July 28's entry today about her Auntie's passing got me thinking about the relationships we make here on earth, and how this is just a staging area for the next life together. My great grandmother had a similar passing - having seen someone she knew there to pick her up - so to speak.

So I'm pretty darned sure that the people I love here will be there as well. And if the people I love are there, lord knows it will be packed with the people I really don't love.

So I'd better get crackin' making friends while I can so the same people don't kick my ass for eternity.

On a super happy note - my gym has a new massage therapist with hands that could take me apart and put me back together again. And I got a free chair massage from her yesterday - and WON a free one hour for next week. How bloody cool is that?

After that, I'll have no excuse to slack on going to the gym. Or slacking while I'm there. Free massage, dude! I love my gym.

I'll also be getting free massages this weekend at the massage school open house. And free ear candling - if I get my name on the list early. And free lots of stuff. Plus, I'll be in the most resonating place for me. There is something very special about this place that settles into my bones and makes me feel closer to nature, God and myself than anything else.

Thanks goodness I don't have to take the relatives touring this weekend. My brother popped up and said he wanted to do it during the week. Yay!

So I'm free in the AM to be in my special place with myself and do a little meditation on where I am and where I want to go under the meditation tree and in the labyrinth.

: ))


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