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9:25 a.m. - 2006-07-12
Depressing entry.
I did a little research this AM on pet cemeraties in the area, and got all worked up, cried my eyes out and had to stop.

Not that my little critter is going anywhere, any time soon, but I figure it would easier to get the arrangements made now rather than when I actually need them.

Guess not...

I was hoping the place would have a website, but nothing comes up. And I have to wonder, what happens to the cemetary when the people who own it die? Who buys a pet cemetary? What happens to regular cemetaries when they go backrupt, and there are no more plots to sell?

Yucky thoughts so early in the morning.

And I'm welling up again, so I'd better change my direction.

The relatives come into town tonight. My mom is already angry. She has been angry for days now. Its her thing. Now, after all these years, they finally come to visit, and she feels taken advantage of, because my aunt is a ditz, and is changing the "agenda". My aunt is a legal drug addict, just like my grandmother. That's what happens when you are a hypochondriac and you require a pill for every part of your body.

Anyway, my mom gets angry before every big event, gathering, visit, vacation, dinner, party, you name it. She is one angry bitch.

I sat across from her at dinner last night, and said - "I knew it. You're angry already. This is going to be one hell of a pleasant visit isn't it?"

Then I told her to breathe, and expect all of her plans to be changed last minute, for my aunt to be the next best thing to an Alzheimer's patient, for the relatives not to fall into her mold of perfect people and for nothing to go right. Its four fucking days of her life and she can't keep it together. 40 years she's been bitching and whining that my dad's relatives won't leave their state to grace her with a visit, and they finally do. And she's going to freak out on them like she does whenever I've introduced her to a man I'm dating. Which is why I haven't in the last 14 years.

Eventually I'll have to if I find one I want to keep, and he'll just have to deal with the situation as he sees fit without interference or coaching from me. Of course, I'm willing to do the same if his family is insane.

I've never been so happy to live in another state, no matter how close we are physically. The area code, zip code and taxes being entirely different makes all the difference.

If she's still freaking this morning, I'm gonna suggest she get her butt over to her doctor and get a prescription for valium.


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