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1:57 p.m. - 2006-07-13
I had to order the soundtrack to Cold Mountain, because it is not available in stores around here anymore. I also ordered, "Autobiography of a Yogi" which is supposed to be very good. We'll see.

You know? Max has become a bit of corn between my teeth. Its like I waited all winter to get a nice, sweet, juicy cob of corn, enjoyed the hell out of it, and now, I've got a piece of it stuck between my teeth. And no matter how hard I suck, or work at it with my tongue, it stays lodged. (OK. I admit it. The imagry is intended and I think its damn funny.)

I want to send him the damn CD and get it over with. Then I'll feel like we've had closure on the romance and can start anew on whatever friendship we may want to have.

Like a nice, long piece of satiny dental floss.

Moving on...

Tonight is dinner at Mom's. Meatloaf. Turkey for me. No mad cow for this chick. The relatives have been in the Nation's Capitol all day checking out the museams and important political buildings. Having lived in the suburbs for years, I've been there, done that a million times, but they kids were really excited to go. I guess its a big deal for folks who live in the deep south.

I hear the youngest wanted to sleep with the dog last night. It was love at first sight. Which is good, because the dog won't get all jealous and moody.

She's so darned touchy these days.


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