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10:10 a.m. - 2006-07-14
An African Adventure?
Well, my dreams may have come true.

A friend of my brother has been stationed in a West African country at the consulate for the next three years and I'm invited! It looks like I'll finally get to go to Africa!!! What better way? Stay at the consulate, eat consulate food, take consulate transportation and spread goodwill along the way. Africa needs a good dose of asshole.

Speaking of, there will be no assholing for me this weekend. Just loads of shopping with the relatives who live so far into the deep south that they don't have real stores to buy clothes in. So I get to help my school aged cousins pick out fits for school. It should be fun. They are really cool kids.

Then my bookstore friend invited me to a local concert Saturday night. Which is going out, but does not constitute assholing.

Sunday is a nice wine event with Tod, but if its too hot, me and Dee are going to wuss out. Neither of us are terribly tolerant of hot, humid days in the sun with booze. Hot, dry days in the pool or at the beach is a different story.

I wonder which month is the coolest in western Africa?


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