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10:12 a.m. - 2006-07-17
I was feeling all warm and fuzzy last night about the trip to Ireland Six and I are taking in Nov., and popped in that movie The Matchmaker. I know, I know, I'm romanticising, but why the hell not? I'm a romance junkie.

Not that I'm expecting the man of my dreams to swagger up to me at the airport as I land, toss me over his shoulder and plop me into his potato field with a pitchfork in my hand. But, come on! Irish boys! Me! Irish boys and me!!! We're practically made for eachother!

Oh! Did I tell you about the open house? It was awesome! I'll tell you again if I already did.

I walked in, browsed the stations, and signed up for my stuff. I got massages, Reiki, Tai Chi, an hour yoga class with my teacher, and tons of freebies. The Teacher and I had some nice quality time together as well. We talked about my surgeries, my back issues, and she did an adjustment on my hips that has made them feel tons better. She also gave me some guidelines for posture and alignment to help keep things in place.

I'm signing up for her summer and fall classes. I skipped out over the past year due to excessive pain and a bad attitude. But nothing else in the world has made me feel better inside and out than taking her classes regularly. I'm really looking forward to the weekly ritual.

Tonight, I have my free massage after work. I'm hoping to get some serious circulation and detox going, to get all this lactic acid out of my poor, misused muscles.

I feel spoiled already. Seriously, you won't be able to live with me...


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