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10:15 p.m. - 2006-07-24
A dog's life.
Doggie is looking better. The paw is a bacterial infection, which gets washed with special soap twice a day, then the antibiotics she's taking should clear up the rest.

She's also on a new arthritis med as of tomorrow. My suspicion is that the meds were wearing on her stomach, making her barf up all her food, thus decreasing the blood protein due to lack of intake. I also think that the "diaper" rash was causing her to hold in urine because it stung to pee, then she let it out when she couldn't hold it any longer which happened in the house. The pooping in the house could have been behavioral, a natural change in internal processing, or my lazy step-dad not walking her to get the poop train moving, thus making her have to poop at unusual times. Call me Sherlock...

They're sending off a urine sample to see if they see protein in it, which may have something to do with her kidneys which blood pressure meds will take care of.

So, I'm very hopeful that we have this thing licked. Unfortunately, I had to lead the vet through an interrogation fueled by internet research to help him figure all this out. They just don't think...

My dog can thank me later.

By the way - I keep spelling dog "god" then seeing it and correcting it.


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