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11:03 a.m. - 2006-07-27
Puppy and Buddha updates.
The pup seems to be feeling loads better over the last two days. Mom tells me she's barking when they get home again, wanting to go for walks, and being her usual demanding self. Not totally back from the abyss, but better.

The doc says all tests came back negative, so he has no idea what was up. I am sold on the idea that it was the arthritis medicine. Of course, he wouldn't want to admit that because it would open him up to a lawsuit. This is what we've come to. People have become so sue happy that you can't get good medical care anymore. Some lawsuits are absolutely valid, but most are frivolous and unwarrented.

I'd hate to be a doctor. Even a brilliant doctor. Its like you put your own life on the line every single day.

Anyway, concert tonight. The Girls will be present. Its a concert after all. I have a cute strapless boobie shirt, good jeans and good hair today. That's always a plus when you're a girl.

I'm also looking forward to dinner. I'm hungry now... And have no time to eat, because I'm off tomorrow and people are panicking as usual. I'll just nibble some organic almonds and oat flour sprinkled dates, my new favorite snack.

I'm such a good girl sometimes. If only I didn't have such an affection for fried chicken tenders, nuggets, chicken parmesan subs, and other chickeny fast food. It seems to undo the goodness of the organic snacks. And Doritos... And mashed potatoes... No wonder I was once compared to a milk-fed farm girl. And he was making a pass at me...

Oh well. A Weight Watchers I will go. You know how there are two Buddha images? One is young, slim and meditative. The other is tubby, jolly and joyful? My belly is somewhere between the two, but truth be told, it's leaning towards jolly. Oops.

I still haven't gotten my cholesterol/triglycerides checked this year. I have the order, just haven't guided myself into the blood lab yet. Its been three months. I'm afraid its going to be ugly. And there's the whole fasting thing that just doesn't work for me. I'm not a faster. Fasts suck my ass.

I suppose I really should get that done. I'll plan on it next week.

For now though, its back to work. More sitting upon my bum assuring people that one day without me won't kill anyone. If only some man I actually enjoyed thought that about me. Then again, that sounds kinda creepy. I do enjoy my space.

Which reminds me! I got the coolest Chinese fortune last night.

Here is it:

"A ship in harbor is safe, but that's not why ships are built."

I am a ship.

I have it propped up against Buddha's knees to remind me that I am meant to take chances and see the world. It's what I was built for.


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