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3:03 a.m. - 2006-07-30
Why I'm going to sleep until next year now.
The rundown:

I haven't had a weekend so packed with assholery since, I don't even remember.

Thursday night - Got off work early to pick up Six and meet up with ex-Mr. Six and the GF at a fine dining establishment. While we were waiting for the latter two to post, Six decided she needed a cigarette and abandoned me to sit in a big, empty booth by myself. And I didn't like being ther all alone in the corner, so I flagged down the waiter, who had already stopped by a few times to offer drinks, and asked him to have a seat and talk wine with me.

I have to admit, the boy was young, but he was Irish, and I felt it was incumbant upon me to strike up an international accord. He was cute. He blushed very easily.

After dinner, I got a little bored (this happens often) and made little packages of food out of napkin remnants and my leftovers. I had them all sitting on the edge of my plate, ready to fling at the Ex when he made an ass of himself. Notice I said "when". Yeah. Predictable. He made some rude comment about something that ticked me off, and I initiated WW3 at the table.

Unfotunatley, my missile missed its trajectory, and landed in an old lady's coiffeur.


Thus ended WW3. Stalemate.

The concert afterward was awesome! An Irish Rock band that got the blood pumping. Sorta like Carbon Leaf with a bigger kick. They will be in Ireland at the same time as we are, so we're planning to hook up and have some "pints".

Last night was an all out assholery fest. I headed up to The DJ's where I joined him, Sully, Dee, and an assortment of The DJ's friends. Long story short: Vodka, Jager, mass qualtities, me kissing, but not liking with a big, ugly snob who didn't rock my world in the slightest, me saying goodnight when we all crashed at DJ's, me getting woken up my big, ugly snob, plopping naked into my bed so hard I got tossed into the air and onto the floor where I cussed him out for being there in the first place and told him to leave, but he didn't leave and he grabbed my legs, then I REALLY got pissed and backhanded him, put him into a police hold and then force marched he and his clothes out of the room. Then I decided that he might try to come back later when I was passed out, and grabbed my pillow and a blanket, and went downstairs to sleep with Sully.

Good God did my head hurt this morning. As a matter of fact, everything hurt.

Since I didn't sleep much last night (Sully snored like a banchee), I crashed back at Six's from 2-7. Then up again to shower, get dressed, then tote all my asshole friends (minus Six and her dude) to a local bar where we revelled in stories told and retold from the night before. And we met Tod's new girlfriend who almost got bitchslapped and asked to leave The Bar (because we can't stay away) because she is a bit of a bitch. Even Tod said she was a bitch. Not quite sure what he's doing there... Lord knows he doesn't hurt for opportunities to get a little somethin' somethin'.

Who knows why boys do the things they do.

But I know one thing. I'm headed to bed. I've had way too much fun than a girl should have in one weekend.


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