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11:01 p.m. - 2006-07-31
Girl porn and puppy is back!
I got porn mail. Can you believe it? A porn post card! With some woman on it promising me a free tape or DVD of her if I call an 800 number.

Hello! I'm a woman! I want a big, burly man tossing heavy things promising me I can see under his kilt porn!


Porn is so male centric. Obviously, some of it appeals to both sexes, but the majority of ads and material cater to men. And the porn catering to women? Holy crap! Have you seen it? Its pathetic and revolting! And the music is ear bleedingly atrocious and hilarious at the same time.

Somebody - please do something...

Hey! Good dog news! Her spirit is back in her eyes. She looks at me like she's fully aware and present again. She's the kind of dog who stares you dead in the eye and has a conversation with you. She'd lost that for a while. I took her completely off the arthritis meds. Its made a huge difference in her health and her attitude. She's lost the gloom of depression. She even hopped up on the couch tonight and watched a movie (Cinderella Man. So good!!!). She hasn't done that for years!

I took myself off cholesterol meds too. Just for two weeks. Its six days into it, and I feel better already. The constant feling of arthritic ache from head to toe is gone. I also have more energy. I'm going to continue to skip it for another week, then call the doc.

Tomorrow is water yoga at my teacher's house. Just a three week session to fill in the space a bit between now and October when fall classes start. I can feel the ahhh already : )


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