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9:38 a.m. - 2006-08-05
One more try.
I taking her to the vet on Monday. To this point he hasn't mentioned all of this being a precursor to death. So its time to have a frank conversation. If this is not what it is, than it has to be fixable. Whether by drugs, surgery or some other therapy, it has to be fixable. The dog is miserable as she is. I would be too. I know what its like to have back pain so bad it radiates through my legs and prevents me from walking. When I get that bad, I get anti-imflamatories, steroids and legal narcotics. So far, I have avoided surgery. But dogs can't do yoga.

I would consider surgery if the vet thinks it would give her several more comfortable years. I'm not sure at her age of 11 if that's a reasonable prognosis. But I don't know about these things. So I'll have to hear when the vet has to say then ask her what she wants. And hope I hear her.
And in the meantime, she need some strong drugs to make her comfortable.

All she wants is comfort, her routine and her family. Those are her joys.


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