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7:38 a.m. - 2006-08-09
Lecherous happenings.
Well, yesterday was one of the more interesting weekdays I've had in a very long time.

It started out at the truck stop, where I dropped by to pick up a big ole bottle of water to get me through the afternoon. And while I was perusing the water choices, this huge seven footer walked up right behind me and said, "You have some purty black hair Hon... What you doin' fer lunch today?"

Eeeek! He was looking at me like he wanted to do unmentionabl things with my purty black hair in the back of his truck cab. Then cut me up into little pieces and eat me for dinner later.

I said thank you, I already had lunch, grabbed a water, paid as quickly as possible and ran like hell.

Then, I dropped my wallet in the parking lot at work, had no idea until after yoga when I looked at my phone and there were 12 messages on it.

This freak at work picked it up, refused to give it to a friend of mine, took it home with her, called HR, Payroll, Security (uh, a really good place to take my wallet), The Police!!! (had them meet her at my house to knock on the door with her), my credit card fraud unit, my check card fraud unit, my video store, my book store and my health insurance company. And had all of them call me saying that this woman, who worked not 20 feet from my fucking desk, had my wllet and wanted me to call her asap so she could get it back to me.

At this point it was about 8:30pm, I called her, thanked her for keeping my wallet safe, and asked if she would mind me meeting her outside of work at a time of her choosing, since she said she would be working today, and give my wallet back then.

But, no. She demanded I get it back right away, because, so she said, I couldn't drive without a license, and what if I went to the hospital??? No, I had to meet her to get it back right away.

Fine. We met at a fast food restaurant and she brought her horney 21 year old volunteer firefighter son with her.

Poor Six was on the phone, because I had figured out that none of this had to do with me getting my wallet back, but about her not having a life and wanting a new friend. And apparently, a daughter in law.

Dude had to tell me all sorts of stories about his rescues, and she had to commentary on all of them, and they had to gossip about my neighbors, and then he asked me to go out for drinks with them last night. AND asked me out for Friday night. AND asked me to hang out with them and her work group this Wednesday at a restaurant after work.

And when his mom told his was I just in a yoga class, he almost had an embolism. She really wanted us to hook up.

I'm more than a little afraid of her.


So, I got my wallet back, but in truth, I would rather it had gone missing completely, because I could have replaced everything with a couple of phone calls and not been creeped on.

Only me...

P.S. The dog is still not getting up on her own, but she seems happier, so I think things are on an upswing. We'll give it a couple more days and see. I gave her lots of annoying kisses last night, so she knows she's loved.


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