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4:47 p.m. - 2006-08-10
Terror rant.
Entry two:

Now that I've vented all the angst and drama...

I have to say that I am REALLY pissed off about the terrorist plot to kill travelers reported this morning.

I live to travel and learn and understand and develop cross cultural relations. And here these fuckers are trying to ruin it for me.

I know they have feelings, and I know they have issues, and I know they have beliefs that are opposed to my own (religion aside). But, how dare they fucking try to interfere with my plans to spread my own personal slice of fucking sunshine with the world?

I'd like to see every last one of them rotting in hell on my way off to a better place one day. It isn't even a fair method of confrontation. You don't see me packing bombs and flying to their countries and blowing people up do you? I think the fuckers need to be disembowled and fed their own hearts, and I'm sure they feel the same about me too, but I'm not planning to kill anyone over it. I truly want to respect, or at least recognize the existance of all religions and peoples, but this fanaticism wreaks like a cult. I think it has nothing to do with God or religion and everything to do with evil, charismatic leadership such as we saw with Hitler. And I suppose many people who share the religion with the terrorists (in name only) would say the same.

It doesn't make sense to me. There is no objective other than to bully and instill fear. I don't think that terrorists want to colonize America or Europe. I don't think terrorists want people to convert. I don't think they are working toward an end goal that will benefit their people. So with no end goal, there is no end. Its not a war on terrorism. Wars have and end goal, which is usually to disable the opposing party, and/or gain territory. This shit is becoming daily, routine maintenance of safety.

I think they just believe the insane, but effective rhetoric of intelligent, power hungry, somewhat insane individuals who have manipulated the teachings of Islam, much as the bible has been manipulated for personal gain and notariety in the past (see The Crusades) and present. What differs is the succession plan. Torrorists don't stop because the head honcho of the cult is dead or jailed. Part of the fanaticism is building out leadership plans. But my question is, if its so fucking good to die a martyr blowing people up, why did Sadam or Bin Laden never do it? If its the greatest thing you can do, why didn't the greatest members of the cult ever set the example? That alone should deter the groupies from membership. It would me.

And they do this for no end goal, other than to make people of all religions, sympathies, and nationalities afraid - because they don't truely select among victims. All they can do is kill a finite number of people with each hit, and make others afraid. Just to make them dead or afraid. AS IF PEOPLE DON'T HAVE ANYTHING ELSE TO BE AFRAID OF. We fuck ourselves up enough. (Reference entry one from today.)

OK. I'm stepping quietly off the soapbox now.

I want my fucking vacations and cross cultural romances without having to dealing with you bastards!!!

OK. Done for real now.


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