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11:16 p.m. - 2006-08-11
Breaking up is hard to do.
Quiet weekend this weekend. For a couple of reasons.

One - I'm coming off a high stress, high emotion couple of weeks and had no desire to have Sully in my left ear and his obnoxious brother in my right.

Two - It seeems all my rowdy friends HAVE settled down. Six and her man have had weekend plans, like a bonafide real couple. Sully has been hit and miss, and rarely commits to plans until last minute. He's been spending a lot of time with his sister and her family, as is appropriate. Dee needs masculine stimulation to stay interested, and when she doesn't get it, tends to lame out. She does a lot of sitting on the couch watching moveis and drinking wine. Tod hasn't been coming out much at all. H has been spending time at home with his kids and Val on occasion. When Val isn't at H's, he is out on the dating wheel. The DJ has been booked all summer and will remain so until Jan/Feb.

And that leaves me with me.

I have to admit. I feel like our little band of assholes is disbanding. We're all growing up and going our separate ways. Which is expected I guess, being we're all in our thirties and forties. But it leaves the lone single girl without friends to play with and weekends out on the town to meet potential playmates.

I'm not stupid enough to go out alone. And I'm not cool with internet dating services for many reasons, including safety and the fact that most of the guys (and girls) my friends have met over the years have been crazy, married, or bitter divorcees.

And I don't date too locally because I want a good bit of distance between me and any man who might tend to need too much of my attention.

I guess that'll change when I have one I want to keep, but for dating it would suck if a guy could just stop by because he sees my light on. Its harder to filter visitors than it is phone calls.

Or worse yet, a guy who would want to make scenes at my workplace because I wasn't interested.

So, here I am, at 11:30 on a Friday night, tapping out an entry about how it sucks to be the only single girl in a group of settled people.

And when I'm done, I might pop in a flick and drink me some wine too. Or read a book then go to bed. Or, get out my toybox and see if there's anything I've missed...


Whine over.


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