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10:15 a.m. - 2006-08-14
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide...
My weekend turned out to be packed, despite the lack of assholery.

Instead, I did something Friday night that I can't remember. It must not have been very interesting.

Saturday I roamed around West Virginia playing tourist (yes, it is possible to be a tourist in West Virginia). Unfortunately, I kept envisioning scenes from Wrong Turn everywhere I went. I also discovered that you can't eat healthy in W.V. because all the restaurants are either very country or very pretentious. And neigher offer decent whole food options. So I was very hungry. Then I found a tea shop that offered yogurt with exotic fruit and boy, that was the best yogurt I've ever had.

Saturday evening, I got a call from my Eastern Shore friends and got my self invited to a real redneck pig roast in my area. But, my friend D was really drunk so I basically got there, had a strawberry, then took D and A home with me. I was even a nice friend and gave them the real bed (sheets changed of course) and slept on the futon myself.

A and I had some really long talks about my love life - so I had a lot to talk about. Not. Well, there was Max, then there was Val's friend who lives 5 hours away, then there was the icky dude who is friends with the DJ. And now? Stagnation. I need an Italian waiter fix. But nobody will go on a cruise with me.

I'm pretty sure the Ireland trip will be a bust, and I'm also pretty sure it would be a bad idea to go alone. That leaves me with three weeks of vacation to schedule and nowhere to go.

So I might be begging people to let me come visit so I can get out of town. Because I can't stomach the thought of taking vacation time and staying home.

There's too much to see and do to stay home.

I do have one offer to go to Israel in December. But it'll be up in the air until for a while, and may not materialize. And truthfully, Israel has never been on my top ten list. There are other middle eastern countries that strike my fancy a lot more.

What's a Zen to do?

I'll take some cheese with that whine...


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