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1:39 p.m. - 2006-08-17
So, the trip to Ireland is definately off. One week isn't worth 9-11 hours of plane travel on both ends for me. So Ireland will be reserved for a time when I can go with someone I know will appreciate it as much as me at a time when we can both (or all!) enjoy two weeks to kick around. Hopefully Six will be able to do it next year, as this has been our mutual dream trip for years. I don't think she's so crazy about going to Egypt, Peru or Africa :)

Instead, I'm looking into cruises, weeks at beaches, trips to New England, whatever I can find that's cheap and easy.

I prefer a cruise, because its cheap, everything is included, and its convenient to get to. And its guaranteed fun. But Dee mentioned an interest, and won't go on a boat to save her life. I think it may be possible for Six and I to get her so drunk she'll agree though...

Six also threw out the idea of Chicago again. I need to look into hostels in that area to find cheap lodgings. This appeals to me because I am DYING to see the man eating lions at the Field Museam. Its one of those mystical, gotta do it before I die kind of things. Like when I went to that little island in the middle of the bay.

Plus, I'd have the opportunity to drag my Great Lakes friend out to play with us kicking and screaming. He'd be no match for the two of us. I'm playing with the idea of going to Chicago anyway, even if Six and I decide to do something else together. Though I have no issues with staying in a major U.S. or European city alone, there are no big cities other than Chicago I'm interested in at the moment. And I have no desire to spend a lot of time in Dublin. I'm sure its fun, but there are so many more things to see when you go out driving. But I don't trust myself driving around Ireland alone without getting into some kind of trouble. Because trouble finds me to easily.

Besides, if I end up going to Chicago by my lonesome, I can sit and stare at the lions all day long if I want to without anyone bugging me about lunch, having to pee, moving out of the way of small children...

And turn into a popcycle while I'm at it.

P.S. My Guestbook sucks so bad that I can't even get into it. What a waste of a buck ninety-nine.


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