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9:44 a.m. - 2006-08-21
Wondering why?
A video store boy tried to pick me up Friday night.

He followed me through the store, like a puppy dog, trying to recommend things I've seen already. Then he confronted me at the counter about how sad I looked, and how I needed to smile because I was too pretty to look so sad. And about how wonderful the weekend was going to be because I picked out three movies to watch and wasn't that the funnest?

I just looked at him and said point blank that I could think of things that were a hell of a lot more fun than staying home alone watching cheesy videos, and apparently, I had that "fuck me" stamp on my forehead, though I didn't mean to.

But he got all riled up and told me he got off (heh, heh) at 10 and could come over.

So I had to do the, its a nice offer, but I am almost 20 years your senior and no thanks.

What is it with all the young luvin'? I want a real man. A man who's made it to at least 30 for Pete's sake. A man who's paid off a car in his lifetime. Someone who's gone somewhere, who's had a few relationships in his lifetime. Someone old! Well, not old... But you know what I mean. A real adult.

I wonder why THEY aren't interested in me?


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