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9:55 a.m. - 2006-09-03
Men and how weird they are. Or how weird I am about them?
Last night was intersting, but not as interesting as the dream I after.

But, I'll start with high tea with Dee, which was lovely, followed by pedicures and the ONLY person who can touch my feet without tickling them. God bless his little heart, the dude filed, scrubbed and lotioned me up with nary a giggle.

Then I made my way down to the Six abode to meet up with said Six and loverboy. Who, I have to add, are moving out of that THANK GOD out of that schmoopy, gotta be in eachother's faces all the time, new relationship phase (love ya Six!). We watched King Arthur (oh dear god the man candy...) then went out to dinner where, low and behold, the burp lady was there to entetain us again. And she didn't disappoint. Right in the middle of a South Park conversation, she let out awailer of a belch that had Six and I in a mutual fit if five year old giggles. I'm not sure what Loverboy really thought of that, but he seemed to weather our infantileness like a trouper.

Then we rolled out to a bar near Sully's house which was having a evening of Karaoke that lead to even more giggles on my part and must jabbing from Six, because it was all country.

H met us out and as Six observed, our outing became the strangest double date ever. He's just so damned weird! He barely spoke to me for the first two hours, then roped me into playing trivia with him, whiuch brightened up my evening, because I get really bored in bars because there's nothing to do. So we had lots of fun, and I had a couple of opportunities to whack him for making ill relmarks when I would get one wrong, which is always nice.

Then got bitten my the silly bug, and did a wildly entertaining rendition of Summer Lovin' for the bar, only we screwed around the words asshole style, and were very dramatic.

Then we got kicked out, because it was closing time.

Fun was had by all and we went our separate ways at the end of the festivities. Which was kind of weird, but expected, almost.

Its just nice to be on speaking terms again. Having fun. Being friends. He's such a penisface.

Oh right. Then last night, I had a dream that I visited our London office, and met up with this co-worker I had a huge, sad crush on years ago. He was single, and was in the states for a few months working on a project. We spent loads of time together, and had lots of fun, and bonded, and everyone expected us to get together, but I told them all that he was working on his relationship with his wife. Which they thought was strange because they said we were meant for eachother, but I assured them it was the right thing to do.

Hmmm. But I woke up with this great feeling that I had somehow made peace with this fella, and had spent some quality time with him. Its been a long time since I had a thought in his direction...



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