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9:42 a.m. - 2006-09-08
Finding the happy medium.
There's a fine line out there that I can't distinguish.

I'm going out to see that band again tonight. They're doing a jam session at the same place I've been seeing them. And I am going to put into practice what I've learned over the years and the advice my buddy from the Great Lakes keeps trying to knock into my head.

You see, with attractive men, I do one of two things.

There's the "flubbrt" Zen who gets tongue tied and walks quickly in the opposite direction.

Then there's the "I want to have it" Zen who walks directly up and man handles the guy into compliance.

I have noticed, and so may have you, that Zen number two comes out more frequently when Vodka is in play. (BTW Six - Grape Vodka? How much cooler does it get!!!)

Zen number two is greatly popular with assholes and freaks, yet scares good, down to earth men into peeing their pants.

Zen number one may be cute and all till she loses the power of speech and guys figure out that she's actually developmentally disabled, but highly functioning. Maybe not so high...

But since I am going out to socialize tonight and the crown tends to be borderline acceptable, I want to try being inbetween Zen tonight, and ride the fine line of effective communication between men and women.

Wish me luck.

Oh, and since I've been staying home so much on weekend, I've been spending a lot of time at the video store, and that guy I told you about has been laying it on pretty thick.

He looked me directly in the eye last night, and said, "Have a nice evening. And its nice to see you again mam." And he said it emphatically, with emphasis. Not on the mam.

And I managed to squeek out, "Its nice to see you again too."

Then I ran like hell.

I can't say I'm much attracted to the guy, but he makes me blush.

If he ever asks me out, maybe I will.

Lord knows I have nothing else going on. Aside from wanna be vampires talking dildos, and wanna be tennis stars licking my toes. (Eeew. It'll never be a fettish.)

You wanna know who I'd really like to see again? The big baldie from Wednesday. I need to do some exploring to see all the tatoos be might have been hiding from public view :))

Maybe I'll get lucky and see him out tonight. I need to go to the book store and see if the lady he was talking to knows anything.


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