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10:05 p.m. - 2006-09-12
Getting to 1000.
How the hell did I type up 1000 entries in three years? I'll be darned.

If I strung 'em all together, I might actually have a book.

Not that anypone would buy a book that culminated in, "PENIS PENIS PENIS !!!"

Maybe they'd loan it from the library to liven up the coffee table for a party.

Then some drunk would puke on it and they'd end up buying it anyway and curse me to high heaven.

But Jeez! If I can scribble 1000 entries in three years, just think?


I do need a hobby now that all my rowdy friends have settled down and left me to my own devices.

Its not so bad now. Actually, its kinda pushed me forward on the development slide, and I'm thinking more and more of buying a house next year. If I can manage not to screw myself financially. I still haven't had "The Talk" with a financial advisor.

One of these days I'll grow out of the swimminess in my head that clouds my ability to deal with money rationally like a real adult.

BTW - I really like my apartment now that the excess shit has been removed. I feel all Feng Shui.

Maybe it'll help.

: )


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