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11:19 p.m. - 2006-09-13
The tipsy psychiatrist and the vibrating pen.
Circuit C1ty sells dildos!!!

Well, vibrators.

Acually, very professional pens that function as pens and vibrators.

Weird, huh?

(And no you perverts. I will not be taking one to work. But it might look nice on my bedstand...)

And that's not all I found today.

I also found a drunk shrink. He kind of attached himself to me when my table offered him birthday cake. We were out celebrating a birthday (duh) adn he kept staring, and staring, so I said he looked lonely and needed cake, and we had it delivered to him.

Then he picked up the cake and sat himself down at our table and thought he'd perv on us. But he didn't know who he was dealing with. (Insert evil laugh here.) I think I have a newly elevated status with the aerobics instructors I hang with in town. They were quite impressed at how smoothly I turned the tables on the drunk shrink. He was eating out of my wee hand at the end of the evening.

Not a keeper by any stretch. But it was fun having a bit of assholian sport on a work night.

I do find them, don't I?


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