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11:56 a.m. - 2006-09-18
The Hobbit
OK, so I'm going to write about the guy I just wrote about. But this time, I'm going to cover his non-freaky side.

My BSF came out to play with Six and I Saturday night. We had a great dinner, including salad with rashers, which we all speculated on, but missed by a mile. Just for the record, rashers are not sliced radishes, potatoes or snot.

Rashers are...BACON!

Mystery solved. And the rashers were good, once I picked off the fat and hid it under the rim of my plate, but I still think my salad was missing the ham and turkey that were supposed to be there.

From dinner, we marched over to the pub to see The Band that Six is in love with. They put on a good show that BSF was impressed with. He also saw a few ladies he was attracted to and got all flustered over it. It was cute.

Anyway, Six's Sig Other arrived, and shortly thereafter BSF left to drive home and I just found a stool and commenced bopping around in my chair, sharing in on some fun with this really nice old guy beside me who was so into it be was playing air guitar with his eyes closed, and sort of doing that thing with his head that Blues musicians do. You know.

And I caught site of this guy lookin' at me from the bar. He was also really into the music and started shouting lines at me. Then he got up and started what some might call dancing, but it was really flailing and it was so funny that Six, SO and I busted up belly laughing and pointing at him and laughing some more. It was really FUNNY.

He stopped flailing, and went back to his perch, stared at me than flagged me over. So I amble over all cool and shit, say howdie, and he just chatters and chatters. We exchange the what you do info, talked about the band, etc. Then he said that he was going to kiss me by the end of the night.


Anyway, before I got any ideas about that, I asked his age. Because we all know that I'm attracting the youngins these days. And he looked fairly young, except for some nice beginnings of crows feet around his light golden eyes.

He's 31!!! Just over the resticted zone. Woo hoo! At this point Six walked over, and asked about him and got really excited when he told her his age. She grabbed me by the neck, and yelled, "He's old! You can really do something with him. Are you gonna go there?!!!"

Heh, heh. Yeah, I went there.

This dude is hands down the best maker outer I've ever had the pleasure of peeling off of me. I'm telling you. I was wishing hard that I was a slut with no fear because I seriously wanted to go home with him. But, aside from healthy fears, I also wasn't crazy about the possibility of yet another man who's looking for a fuck-a-friend. I want a real date goshdammit!

I did give him my phone number when he requested it, and he called at around 3 to make sure I had given him the right number. He also chatted about his interests. Loves scuba, kayaking, hiking, spelunking, all of which I'm into except for the kayaking. I never got the feel for being snapped into a boat that tips over easily.

He's also a special ed teacher.

Insert "aw..." here.

We'll see if he ever calls back. He sure was a horney tike. An adorable horney tike.


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