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9:50 a.m. - 2006-09-25
Weekend review.
Hi! Its me!

I had a pretty cool weekend despite having no plans other than dog-sitting.

I'm getting used to, and am almost appreciating the freedom of having nothing to do, yet spontaneously have things to do find me.

Friday night, I took the opportunity to read a bit then went to bed early, becasue I was exhausted. I've been having some major sleeping problems over the last few weeks. I wake up every hour, literally. So for every eight hours I sleep, I'm awake for a half hour as I try to get back to sleep.

I'm not sure if insomnia runs on the family, but if it did, I could definately pinpoint it to my mom. Because she and my brother have had insomnia problems for years.

Six knows what an idiot I am without sleep, so she can tell you what this lack of sleep is doing to my performance as a human being. I'm even to tired to hit the toy box...

Exercise is supposed to be good for insomniacs. We'll see. For now, I've taken stock in concealer.

Saturday was spent in puppy bliss, trying to keep up with the constant entertainment demands. She was cute. She's getting a little spunkier these days.

Then the evening was spent with BSF at J and M's house drinking wine, playing pool and listening to weird music.

J and M are weird people. I have to question the level of OCD in which J especially raises their kids. She seems to me to overanalyze every move, thought, concept presented in ana attempt to "give the children the right messages". Every phrase is analyzed, and analyzed until it is deemed open-minded and appropriate, or closed-minded and inappropriate. You may notice the combo of words I chose.

The parents thrive on their children learning to be liberal. Sexuality is an open topic. The boy has soldiers but they can't fight. And J has issues with him playing with horses and knights instead of barbies and babies. They can only save people. And I swear, I think J cried when her daughter turned out to be straight.

I don't see affection, but I hear a lot of lipservice I love you's, and you are perfect no mattter whats...

I dig some of her principals, but I think she tends to obsess over her children's potential thoughts and opinions.

When the children are relating, J micro-manages and analyzes their relaxation.

But then, I'm not a parent. Maybe this stuff is normal.

I did have a good time though. I like playing pool. And drinking yummy wine.
Though, lately, I've noticed that wine makes me very HOT. I mean, steaming, face flushed red hot. I wonder what that is?

Sunday, I spent running around trying to buy Christmas presents before the rush.

And I watched Shining Through for the second tiem and have decided its one of my most favorites of all time, so much so that I have to change my profile.

Go watch it.


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