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8:02 a.m. - 2006-09-26
Slept like a wee babe.
I did something very unusual for me last night. I took an over the counter sleep aid.

It worked.

I slept like a wee babe all night. And only had one dream as opposed to five or more. Dreaming is exhausting!

I do feel rested this AM. I'll see how I do tonight without any aids.

Yesterday I found a new machine at the gym. A rowing machine. Its fun! I used to use one in college. I was even recruited for the rowing team. But I had issues with getting up at 4 AM to get on the water at 5. It was college people!!!

Its a nice legs, abs, back and arms workout. They're all sore this AM, but not too sore. Just itchy sore.


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