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7:59 a.m. - 2006-10-02
New boy and power yoga.
I went to see a house that's up for auction today on Saturday. I walked out with an acute case of mold allergy reaction. And god knows what else.

The walls were covered in black mold, the ceilings stained over and over with water damage. The rooms constructed flimsily with cheap materials in a really odd arrangement some years ago to make extra bedrooms. And structurally, I was afraid to stand on the second floor for fear that I'd fall through the floor.

The auctioneer has the balls to say that he'd live in it himself with new carpet.


I did meet a disarmingly hot would be competitor who taught me a hell of a lot about what to look for. He pointed out the fact that the back wall, the outside brick, had fallen in a few inches from its oringinal placement. Scary...

I'll be seeing him today at the auction. Partly because he asked me to go, partly because I need to learn the process in case I have an opportunity next year when I'm ready to buy.

You know, its weird. I'm usually not attracted to tall, lanky types that look like Jude L@w, and talk slow, but there was something about him. I just need to see whether the slow talking goes with a slow mind or a laid back personality. He seemed pretty darned smart to me.

I'm looking forward to the events of the afternoon.

Oh, and tonight is my first yoga class of the year! Well, unless you count the water yoga.

I'm not crazy about the downtown location, because its drug infested and getting violent, but have no fear. If I get mugged, I'll whip out my sticky mat and give 'em a gook whack.


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