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7:44 a.m. - 2006-10-03
Something new every day.
Well, some idiot bought that house for 8000 less than the asking price, but a hell of a lot more than it appraised for.

I'm always surprised and wonder why the first person who bids starts where they do.

The auctioneer starts out high, but then keeps lowering till someone bids. Why not wait till he gets to the lowest possible number?

I have a really bad feeling that this guy will stick in a couple of dehumidifiers, repaint the walls and rent in within a couple of weeks. He didn't spend what he did to knock it down and rebuild. And I pity the folks who rent it. They'll be deathly sick within a week.

The dudes I saw at the open house were not there. If I see that tall skinny one again, I'm going to kick his scrawny ass. Well, maybe not. I did learn a lot about the auction process. The auctioneer ran through a practice bid on someone's car outside so that I would understand the process. It was pretty facinating. At least I know how it works now.

I also had my first yoga class last night. It was hard! I can tell its been a while since I've seriously practiced. My muscled were screaming, "There's no fuckin' way were doing this shit again."

I feel good though. Sore. But good.

All in all a productive, entertaining day.


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