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1:33 p.m. - 2006-10-04
Blah, blah, blah
Oh good Lord, if you read Six, go read her now. You'll pee your pants.


Mushy, cute, you might want to skip it moment:

I had lunch with my brother today. He said he was playing on the floor with Neph this morning, and put down his coffee mug when he was done. 16 month old Neph made a beeline to the mug, grabbed it with both hands, walked it to the kitchen, placed it on the kitchen counter, then went back to the living room to play.

I know this means nothing to most folks. But it makes me feel all gushy inside to picture it.

: )


I've discovered a new yogurt. Its called Fage. Its greek. It comes with honey. Its the bomb!

I wonder who invented yogurt and why?


I haven't started packing for the big business trip yet. I store my luggage at my mom's house and I keep forgetting to get it. Its weird going on a business trip. Packing dressy, conservative stuff instead of fun, slutty stuff. Not quite as exciting. Even my next trip will be sort of understated. I just need to pack yoga clothes. OM.

I'm a little bored today. It sucks.


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