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10:48 p.m. - 2006-10-06
Under the rainy weather.
Uggh. I've been feeling under the weather, had a fever, and got sent for chest x-rays, because I've been getting really bad chest pain. They came up normal, and the NP put me on a GERD pill. He thinks the pain has to do with acid reflux/GERD. We'll see. It keeps getting worse. And when it hits, it makes me yelp. I guess it might be what he says. I should be feeling better in a week he says.

I'm still prepping for the trip next week, but I'm whipped. I took a sick day today, because I felt that if I went to work, I'd never feel better. And it worked. I actually feel quite a bit better. I'm supposed to go to a festival tomorrow in The City, but it depends on how I feel. And if anyone goes because its supposed to rain, and I remember it being cancelled one year because of rain. I guess there's some danger with all the electrical equipment for the bands. Don't want them getting fried. The band members that is.

I've got laundry going, and its realy to be dried, so, I'm outa here.

Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend!


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