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10:48 p.m. - 2006-10-14
Back home safe and sound.
I have survived my trip to cow-land and actually had a lot of fun!

I worked very hard during the day, forging relationships, getting in slackers' faces literally for a change and getting them to do stuff that's been behind (surprise!!!), and running around at night seeing what the midwest has to offer. Which is not much, but what they do have is very nice.

A very friendly and sympathetic teenaged boy asked me out to the movies, because he felt sorry for me eating all by myself. People in the midwest must not eat by themselves. Strangers stared at me and gave me really friendly smiles, or came up to chat. It was kind of cool. East coasters seem so mercenary to me now.

But no, I do not want to live there. Did you know that there aren't even any cowboys there? Color me stunned.

The super cool thing is that I got bumped off my flight home, and got a huge credit toward my next vacation on Southwest (the price of my flight plus 200 bucks. And Southwest flys to Chicago and Detroit. So, YOU, we can probably stay in whichever city we want for free this winter. Yahoo! More money for booze!


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