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7:19 a.m. - 2006-10-31
What's up?
I've been in the process of doing a purge. Not an enema type of purge, but a "thing" purge. I've been donating, throwing away, and consigning all kinds of shit (there I go with the poop imagery again).

Its very liberating to get rid of shit. I'm not done yet.

I'm also doing this in preparation for buying a place next year, because I don't want to pack all of this stuff I have.

In other news, I'm heading off to my wonderful yoga retreat weekend Friday afternoon. This is the one my teacher and her teacher friends are facilitating. My relatively new yoga friend and I are rooming together. She's a nice girl. About my age, similar interests in the envoronment, chickens, shoes... Its nice to have someone to share a room with that won't annoy me.

Then I work a week, then I'm off to my big yoga and meditation retreat vacation in New England. I've even scheduled a massage at one of America's top ten spas the morning before I fly home. How groovy is that? The spa is right across the street from my hotel. Now I just need to see what there is to do in my layover town the evening before. I might go to a hockey game.

Funny, huh? Going from the OM camp to a bloodthirsty hockey game? Ah well...


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