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7:26 a.m. - 2006-11-01
Has anyone noticed that their notes features have completely disappeared?

Hey, Marlen, Nacwolin, Janie and family - if you're reading, big hugs to you all.


I did something different this year. I completed all my Christmas shopping by Nov. 1. I'm all done. There is one CD I want to get for my nephew, some Canadian folk singer, male, that kids love. He sings kid songs and folk songs appropriate for kiddos. But I don't know his name. So I have ot do some asking around.

Since I didn't spend any of it, my Christmas club money is going into savings to help out with getting the mortgage next year. Its nice to have savings. I haven't had savings for eons. I'm throwing in the reimbursement for my recent business trip as well.

Debt wise I'm doing pretty well. It won't be paid off any time soon, but its under control and slowly decreasing. That's good.

Kind of like myself. I won't be at optimal weight/health any time soon, but its under control and I'm slowly decreasing. I've made a slew of changes.

Of course with all these healthy changes, I'm not eating as much and my stomach is producing way too much acid (probably a stress reaction) with not enough food to absorb it. I've been having ass kicking chest pains on the left side had me thinking that I was having a heart attack. But it was the acid reflux. I'm on new meds for it and I feel lots better. My job is stressful and I guess it had to manifest itself in one way or another. I'll keep working on my pursuit of Zen and see if the diet changes and yoga/meditation can't get rid of the issue.

All in all, I think I'm adjusting well to this new lifestyle. Its not as boring and lonely as I thought it would be. It was at first, but I think I've been learning to be alone all this time. Its a good experience. Instead of tagging along on someone else's life experience, partly because I was too lazy to create my own, and partly because I genuinely enjoyed their company and my horizons were expanded - I've been creating my own stimulation (shut up You!).

Speaking of stimulation (now you can make faces), I am in need of buying a new super powered vibrator. Mine, poor thing, it on its way out. It has been for a while, but the motor is getting louder and louder. Its got to be ten years old now.

I've been getting all sorts of emails from dildo companies with offers of discounts, etc. But I'm afraid to buy something that ends up being lame ass. And, well, my machine has a panther on it, and most others have stupid rabbits or dolphins, which just aren't as sexy... I might wait till I go to Chicagoland this winter and go to a store to do some recon. They've got to have some pretty cool stores in Chicago.

That's it.


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