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9:36 a.m. - 2006-11-19
She's gone too far.
Now onto the venting.

I am home to someone else's house.

My books were rearranged.

My mail picked through and clipped together in order of size.

My laundry done, my apartment scrubbed, my toilettries pulled out of drawers and displayed on my windowsills, my sheets washed and bed made, my underwear refolded and stacked on shelves, my livin room cleared of debris and flowers on my coffee table, and God knows what else.

My mom came in while I was gone and totally refurbished my apartment.

I have no privacy left. I feel violated and angry. My space was invaded and made hers.

I called her this morning and told her how I felt and she thought she had done something really wonderful for me. I came home to a clean, neat home. I'm taking the key back. Its ashame she can't have it for emergencies, but that will have ot be what it is. I have to have a space of my own. A sanctuatry. I deserve it. this is my fucking home!

I feel sick.


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