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10:43 a.m. - 2006-11-21
Entry for real.
Did I tell you that before I left for Yoga Camp a dude accidentallybaked all of my bras and made them smaller? Well, same dude just shrank my winter coat that I just washed and put on fluff. I think I'm shopping for a winter coat today.

What is it about guys trying to ruin everything that we girls buy to keep us uplifted and warm?

So, on the flight back from the most awesomely difficult, yet rich experience of Om Camp, I was rerouted all over New England and New York and ran into this Indian guru guy and a hot priest. (Father forgive me...).

One thing I gained from camp was a sense of fledgling faith. I saw and sensed things that have no human or natural cause. Cool stuff.

Anyway, with this fledgling faith, I plop into my microscopic seat (yes, its the seats, not my arse), and look into the laughing eyes of the most adorable Indian Guru I've ever met. And I can say I've met a few now. We had a convo about my Om Camp experience, which lead to religion, where I said to him that I consider myself a Catholic Buddhist with a healthy mix of Atheist.

And his chubby belly just rolled as he laughed, throwing his head back, white teeth shining out. And he looked over me at the guy to my left, who was a priest. Oh shit. I just said Catholic Buddhist Atheist in front of a damn priest. Then I said Oh Shit for real.

Then they both went into hysterics. Then I realized that the priest was HOT. Like Super HOT. And I blushed furiously, because not only did I blaspheme and cuss, but then I had thoughts lavicious thoughts about me and the priest and the bathroom.

And I had just had this incredibly heat opening experience at camp so I know that my feelings were written all over my face like a banner.

Once an asshole, always an asshole.

Oh, and on another flying note, I picked up a book, a Christmas romance (so cheesy it was delicious) to read on the way home, and in chapter two, just as the plane was taking off, the lead charactor was in a hideous plane crash.

I bought the book at the freakin' airport people!

What were they thinking?


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