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10:19 a.m. - 2006-11-30
I'm feeling like The Shit today with my new raise and all. Unfortunately, I got a shitty haircut yesterday, so I don't exactly look like The Shit, but as of 1pm tomorrow, I should be looking the part too. That's because I'm paying someone a hell of a lot of money to fix it. But since I got my money back from the other place, where the girl was not skilled enough to do the haircut I wanted, but didn't mention that until it was all over, its OK.

God save us from junior stylists.

I'm going to The City for the first time in months tomorrow to participate in some between holidays revelry. Six is stayin' in to snuggle, but everyone else seems to be going so I'm gonna stay out til the sun rises, then go out to lunch with Six Saturday morning so I can see if she still look the same after all this time. (OK, I saw her briefly a few weeks ago, but still...) Besides, I need to see the house all decked out for X-mas. All she and Mr. Six ever managed before was an elf mooning the public out the front window.

This is a new Six indeed. Almost, domestic, Martha-like. (I just felt a mental kick in the ass for that one...)

Anyway, tonight if leftover turkey day fixins at mom's house. And hauling Christmas decorations to my house to deck it out the inside since the outside is already done. I always decorate my stoop with silks. Its purdy.


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