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10:20 p.m. - 2007-01-01
New Years. Whoopee.
The first entry of the new year and I have to say, I'm gosh-damn sick of being sick. Its been almost 14 days now and I want to feel well and whole.

The bonus is that I finished half my quilt project (a tremendous feat) an drediscovered the movie Snatch all over again. I actually discovered many movie,s inclusing Nacho Libre and Little Miss Sunshine, but Snatch was mon favorite of my infirmant.

The truth is that I still feel like shit, and I have to fly to Cali in two weeks for a big work meeting, but I don't know whether my lungs will be up to the task.

I'm playing it by ear. But this is a huge opportunity to get some very high level visibility. I need new, highly professional clothes, some spunk and my health. Honestly, I'm not sure where any of it is going to come from. Where do professional clothes come from? I usually make do with a pair of Old Navy dress pants and a sweater or jacket.

No new news from Yoga Ball. Last email was X-mas, and I've been out of contact with my computer being sick as a dog till now.

Keep all fingers and toes crossed please. I need to get out!!! I feel much too grown up staying in with the dog lately. Its a waste of my youth and cool haircut.


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