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10:15 a.m. - 2007-01-04
Boys are trouble...
Feeling microscopically better.

Now, the dog --

Well, yesterday afternoon, I received a report that my dog was being evicted.

You see, she has been so at death's door lately, hobbling around, sleeping lots, doing things that geriatrics do, you know.

So nobody has bothered with leashing her or tying her up or anything, because the poor dear can hardly motivate to go outside to poop for god's sake.

So, yesterday, when she was in the garage hanging out, doors open, beautiful weather, she meets up with a stray dog and takes off with him. I mean - TAKES OFF! Loping down the driveway, zigzagging down the road, nipping eachother, playing hide and seek, running in circles, avoiding my mother's attempts to snatch her, bolting down the hill with her brand new friend.

This is a dog who's been deemed disabled...

So, Mom decides that a better tactic is to slowly walk home, and see if they stop running away from her, which worked, but they took it a step further, and the stray dog ran ahead, and ran directly up the ramp, into the house, and my dog followed joyfully, and my mom found them both tearing through the house at lightening speed, around and around...

She eventually got the stray out and kept my dog in and the incident was over.


This morning the folks woke up to the stench of a kitchen plastered wall to wall with diarhea. So dried and stuck on that it took a soaking of straight ammonia to get it off.

Then there was the poop covered dog...

So the repercussions of the puppy-love romp are coming forth in gushes from her butt.

What to do...

OK, she's not really being evicted, but the empty threat was made and the humans are NOT HAPPY.

Can you believe it?


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