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2:57 p.m. - 2007-01-20
Being boring.
I never cease to be in awe at how far I've gone up in the corporate world. I still feel like a kid who's snuck into one of those mysterious men's clubs, Like the Masons and doesn't really belong.

I look around at the people around me at the airport, and you can spot the business travelors. Suits, ties, computers, ear buds, blackberrys, all the fashion accents of the modern business person.

I begrudgingly drag along my computer in its special case, propping my sneaker clad feet up on it while I wait for my plane to arrive, wearing a t-shirt, jeans, reading filthy dirty romance novels instead of the Wall Street Journal, or PC magazine.

What the hell am I doing?

But I have to admit, there are elements of what I do that are fun, and some of the folks I met on my last trip were awesome. We laughed so hard, and just watching some of them think and process was facinating. Truly brilliant people. And they think I'm one of them (bwahahahaha).

Fooled them.

I guess that's the way it is.

I'm really feeling the need to have a home of my own and nest down lately. I guess this money will come in handy.

Oh I forgot to tell you. There was this guy at the airport in Burbank. He as with famous band that now has him playing an instrument, because the original drummer died. They were on their way to Vegas for a show.

Anyway, we were talking and having a good time, getting to know eachother, and eventually, he asked why I was in LA. I told him work, he asked what I did and I told him I'm a IT project manager, and he said, like the PMs on that Trump show, and I said yes, and he completely lost interest and turned back to The Vieww on TV. Like that was way more interesting than me... A borning project manager. It happens all the time. All I have to do is tell a guy my title, and he runs screaming. I don't like my job enough to go into details, so that isn't the issue. Its just that I'm smart and successful. So, since I'll never get laid again, unless I come up with anothe job, I'll have ot make one up and lie. Maybe when they get to know me I'll tell the truth and it'll be OK. So I charge you all with a task. Create a new job description for me that will guarantee not to chase men away. I have no such skill. OK?


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