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10:58 a.m. - 2007-01-22
A red herring in plaid.
Hi! Happy snow day!

I'm sittin' here at work trying to think about work instead of all the fun things I could be doing out in the snow. Or all the fun things I could be doing inside, by a fire, with a dog and a good book, or better yet, a warm, cuddly man and a couch.

I went out Saturday night with my bookstore friend, my yoga friend and her roomie. And experienced the familiar, but long absent sensation of lust. And I really don't understand it. The roomie is tall, skinny, with really long, stringy hair, a youthful, but somehow wisened face, and a rather form-fitting, plaid pair of pants.

I've never met anyone quite like him. He looks like he walked right smack out of the Cold Mountain terrain, a regular Johnny Tremain. His face is facinating, and he hugs real hugs, not sissy hugs. He's just this completely open, friendly, adorable creature that I want to scratch behind the ears like a puppy.

I'd wager he's near my age. And I'm wondering what his story is. He's not paying much rent, and seems not to need much. In fact, I think he wore the same clothes the last time I saw him. And normally I wouldn't notice these things, but when a man wears plaid pants, I notice.

He just sort of follows my friend around here and there, or stays in mostly. He seems sort of dim in the head too, if you know what I mean. Maybe burnout, or maybe just the way he was born. Or maybe I just don't know him well enough, having met him twice, and his quiet nature is a red herring. But I like the way he talks. Something about his voice. That's almost old fashioned too. And I really , really, want to make out with him.

I wonder though, if I've just created a fantasy out of him, and his true nature is something way different than what I'm day dreaming about. That's probably the case. Although I never really had a Civil War fetish. Besides, his family is from Virginia, so he would have been on the wrong side of that battle.

Its nice to feel that old kick though. I thought it had vanished after Max (may he fall overboard and be eaten by sharks slowly...).

Hmmm. Something to think about.

I think I'll think along the lines of a plaid kilt...

God help him.


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