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10:07 a.m. - 2007-01-24
Hodgepodge - did you know it was a soup?
If any of you read Juddhole, and missed it, go read his entry today. And for that matter, yesterday. The man made me cry. Pretty cool stuff.

No incidents this morning. No dangling balls or phalices jutting from the ass end of redneck trucks.

I kind of miss it.

Hey, you know those romance novels I was reading on my flights? The new Circle Trilogy by N0ra R0berts. It rocks. I admit I struggled gettign through to the middle of the first one, but the rest have gone by too fast. Between these, and her other new one, Rebelli0n, I think its her best writing yet. She's starting to lose a lot of that tacky language, and incorporate some earthier, grittier themes. I admit, I think she fell back a bit on the Blair charactor, but all in all it has been highly entertaining.

I'm almost done with number three, and am missing it already.

Oh, and on another romantic note, I watched the Bollywood hit Bride and Prejudice again last night, which i hated the first time around. And I LOVED it! I just needed a little perspective. I get it now. Especially after viewing the extras on the DVD.


I'm going to try out that new gym equipment tomorrow. I was planning on tonight, but I received an invitation from my nephew for dinner at his place. Well, from his parents, but they don't count.



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