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8:47 p.m. - 2007-01-28
Men are so -- mysterious.
So, I spent the entire day with Johnny Tremain, and liked it. He is very surprising, somewhat disappointing, but mostly, he's facinating. And cute...

We went to see the labyrinth movie, which was brilliant, but terribly depressing. Then cheered up by taking a good long walk, then back to his house to curl up on the couch for some conversation. Then out to dinner with my yoga friend, his roomie. It went by way too quick.

I still can't figure him out. And this may come out as snobbish, but it is what it is.

He's obviously smart. Very earthy and spiritual. Has spent a lot of time in the mountains, finding himself and softening his nature. Has good taste in movies, and books. Appreciates art, including the old fashioned art of conversation.

Yet, be borrows his roomie's cell phone, and her car, walks to his job at a thrift store, and dresses funny. Well, today, he looked really good. Nicely fitting brownish grey cords and a black dress shirt. BUt then there were the black socks and birkenstock sandals...

Anyway, there seems to be a lack of need for independance that just mystifies me. I'm scared of men who don't make money anymore. Because they usually want to use me for it, or end up resenting me for it and turn bitter and nasty. So I steer clear of them.

So, maybe he'll be a nice to look at...

We're going hiking on the next nice weekend day.

I might have to kiss him just because.

I don't know.


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