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7:27 a.m. - 2007-03-07
Assuming makes as ass of friends and family.
So, the potentially gay or metrosexual guy (TBD) and I have a date on Saturday night. An artsy flick, followed by dinner at a vegetarian restaurant, followed by dancing at an uber nice club. Which means I have to dress up. (Don't choke on your Jaiger Bomb Six...)

This is going to be a very different experience for me.

And you know what? On an entirely different subject, the entire world is assuming that I an a black man dater now. I had a short long distance romance with one irritating Caribbean man, and now I've been pegged by my mom, my friends and my co-workers. And they're not being mean or disapproving, but they're just making assumptions. Its really frustrating.

I guess there's some unwritten rule that if you date a black man, you automatically get thrown into a bucket with all the other white girls who have dated a black man and get labled and stamped. Unfortunately, I think it has more to do with being chubby and single at almost 36, and people think I should lower my expectations. Or at least, they think that I've "resorted" to dating black men, because I'm not married yet, and the big, scary bald men I'm attracted to don't want me.

Yeah - its still 1950 in some parts. Can't we all just jump into the year 2007 and understand that people are people no matter what color the skin?
And that its entirely possible for a woman to date a variety of men without pigeonholing herself into one specific race?


I hate being labled or otherwise being filed.

And for the record. No matter what race, they're all fucking assholes. So in the end it really doesn't matter.

Even the gay one. I'm sure there's an asshole in there somewhere. Though at the moment, he seems perfect. Unfortunately, not perfect for me. I really do need a lot more testosterone in a man. But perfectly mannered, spoken and sophisticated.

Oh, and BTW? Of undetermined racial origin. I'd challenge anyone to try to make it out. I'd personally wager he's got a little bit of everything making up that pretty face. Asian, African, Caucasian and possibly Latin American. So there. He's not only potentially gay, he represents all the major food groups. He's a buffet of race and color. Ans the assumers can stick that directly up their respective asses.


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