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7:54 a.m. - 2007-03-15
More MISC blah, blah, blah.
That pasta salad I mentioned yesterday almost killed me. I've never had such a huge acid explosion in my stomach ever. Ow...

Oh, and meat eating frogs. What's up with that? They had one go on mini holiday around the Fox News set this AM. Hey, it doesn't get anymore quality than that. And I am very suspicious that Brian did it on purpose.

So, two more hydration days till Sullypalooza. I can't wait! I think this may be the last one. This new chick is "too good" for Sullypalooza, apparently. Its only once a year. I don't see why that would matter. It brings joy to so many...

Hey - I'm thinking about jumping ship an dbuying an old condo in the big town I live near, and dropping the idea of buying a more expensive place in the town I live in now. Its just not happening. I keep thinking htat I cna deal with a big mortgage, but the truth is I'm such a fuck up I have a mountain of debt again and I don't think I can truely afford it. But I also can't afford to let the buyer's market pass me by again, because I don't believe it will ever been this low again. Ever. And I do really like the condo development. It where I thought of buying a few years ago when they were like 60-70,000. Now they're running around 120,000. Damn!!!

I'll just have to meet up with my coffee group on Saturdays. That'll be hard. I'll miss my people.


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