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1:28 p.m. - 2007-03-22
The good, the bad and the gay.
I still haven't heard from the gay guy, so I guess he must have REALLY hated me. Yikes! I didn't that it was THAT bad of a date! Its too bad. I really liked him. As a pet...

So, I have boogers from hell (again, thank you Cap't Ron for advising against that nose ring...), but I don't care, because I still have happy little booty endorphines running through my body. Yay for H!

On a bad note, a friend of Six and me got really bad news and has to have a procedure done and it might be really really ugly. AND she just as Doctor phobic as Six which adds a whole new layer of suckass to the situation. So do whatever it is you do and wish her well please.


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