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7:50 p.m. - 2007-04-04
Mish mash
Well, momma came out of spine surgery today all giggles and grins. Novacaine and morphine are good. The surgeon was much pleased with his work. Which is good, because he might just be my surgeon one day. And as much pain as I'm in day in and day out, I'm almost looking forward to it. But not quite.

We stayed at a B and B last weekend on the water, and met soem really cool ex-hippies, and I learned that ex-hippies in the real world are really just hippies with jobs. And that made me happy.

I can be a hippie with a job.

They were telling me about a new kind of community called cooperative housing, or something like that, where a bunch of friends buy up an apartment building or large house and live together, sharing meals. etc. And I thought how cool. I'd love to live with some of my friends in a huge house n' stuff. Of course, someone else will have to mow the lawn.

And life goes on.

Wouldn't be so lonely. I men. I'm not miserably lonely, but I feel increasingly like I want someone to hang with who thinks I'm the coolest, prettiest, smartest, cuddliest person in the whole world. And not to jinx myself, I should add that this is a man whom I would feel the same way about.

Oh, and I think I just fossilized those eggs I was boiling...


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