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7:59 a.m. - 2007-05-29
Why brothers are like trolls.
My brother is on my shit list.

Yesterday he came over to do some things I can't do, like install air conditioning, and said, and I quote, "I'll be over at 2".

The emphasis here is "I'll" be over at 2.

No prob. I was on the road, coming back from a weekend with Sixweasels, which means spending time with smokers, in smokey bars and general smokiness. And I have that kind of hair that absorbs odors, and it was in my clothes, and I didn't bother to shower or put on new clothes, because I had just enough time to make it home to meet my "brother" at my apartment to get some much needed air conditioning.

And in he strolls with the HOTTEST DETECTIVE IN THE PRECINCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am unshowered, I smell strongly like the butt end of a cigarette, I have make-up running down my face, I'm sweaty and red faced from lugging things up the stairs, and trying to budge the air conditioner out of the closet, and my apartment looks like a train hit it because I'm between summer and winter, clothes, including underwear strewn across the floor, misc junk I'm going to donate in bags all over...

My brother sucks moose balls.


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