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7:56 a.m. - 2007-06-11
Oh lord, I'm wiped.

Friday night I was a roadie! I have this friend who's a singer/songwriter on the Indie scene and I acted as her roadie Friday evening and the place was packed! Pretty exciting stuff. She's been invited to do a concert in London this fall and we're thinking about turning it into a vacation for a week or so. Woohoo!

Saturday, I mooshed around in the coffee shop downstairs for a couple hours, picked up my momma's cake at the bakery, went swimming (or to be more exact, floating) at my friend's house. You know, that newish sunscreen by C0ppert0ne, in the continuous spray bottle, is THE BOMB! 2 hours of fun in the sun, and nary a burn or toasting. No grease, no stickiness... Woohoo! I can play in the sun again!

Saturday night, I drove down to Six's to meet up with her and Dee for dinner, which ended up being a table full of appetizers and talk of penises, vasectomies, and questions like, "where does the sperm go?", and H's ass, and Sully's idolification of this chick who's totally manipulating him, and snarking and more snarking.

All of it in plain hearing of the rest of the restaurant patrons, who seemed to be entertained enough not to complain.

Then, on to The Bar for shots of grape vodka and a spat with Six's sister (I love her to death, but she really is an uber-bitch), being traumatized by old menand women doing that old timey dancing to Tom freakin' Jones... Blech...

But, things lightened up a bit when Ryan showed up, due to much prodding from the group of us leaving him creepy messages on his answering machine, then Sully and H waltzed in and shook things up a bit.

H was kind enough to offer us all rides home, and offered me a ride on to his house, which I rapidly accepted. It had been far too long.

It was lovely. I think he's been watching porn. He was so cute! Well, you know, manly cute. And we laughed till our bellies hurt at our pornoriffic dialog. And you know how petite those big ole hands make me feel, so I'm feeling pretty spunky today.

Yesterday was my mom's b-day and we ate homemade fish and chips till our bellied busted and had no room for cake.

Then I passed out on one of the beds will 9:30pm, because I hadn't had much sleep the night before and I was so
tired! Then I came home and slept till a half hour ago, and I still didn't want to get up, so I'm thinking I might be fending off some sort of ugly bug. I never sleep that much! And my sinuses feel crappy. I think I'll go wash them out with a neti pot and see if I can't head it off.


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