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10:11 a.m. - 2007-07-07
The things I do.
Well, I'm hiding out this weekend. And I have nowhere to go, so I have to do day trips and stuff to make sure I'm not caught in town.

My godkids' mom asked me to babysit all three kiddos this weekend, all weekend, including overnight. And I said I was going on vacation to The South and wouldn't be here. Which isn't true, because The South is next week.

I lied.

Not a little white lie, but bit, huge, fat whopper of a lie.

It was self protection. I would take the boy any day of the week, even forever if I had to. But the youngest girl is a nightmare of a discipline problem, and the oldest girl is whacked out of her head, and becomes more and more inappropriate and offensive as she gets older.

There's no way on God's green earth I'll be in charge of them over an entire weekend. And yes, I'm a wuss, because I can't bring myself to tell the truth. Their mother is in complete denial about the state of her children. Even her parents said they were going out of town this weekend. And they haven't gone out of town ever!

On another note, have you ever smelled Archipelig0 B0tanicals Stonehenge scented candle? Its heavenly. And I got it 75% off, which is the only way anyone can afford them. Yay!

So anyway, back to hiding, I think I'll go to a small college town nearby and get some gifts for my family I'm visiting next week. Grab some lunch, pick up some black henna to make my hair gorgeous. And hopefully my scalp won't break out. If that happens, I'll cry, because henna is my last resort.

I tried the powdered henna, but it just got all crumbly, even when I added oil, so it won't do. I'm looking for one in a bottle aleady mixed this time.

Then tonight, I think I'll go out of town for a movie. Pathetic, huh?


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