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7:25 a.m. - 2007-07-23
When churches go bad.
Oh lord, my friends have joined a cult. A VERY intolerant cult that preaches Catholics and Greek/Russian Orthodox's are not christians. And that gays and those who are friends with any are going to hell. And they have to go to church EVERY DAY, sometimes multiple days a year. Because they "need" to insulate themselves from worldly temptations, like TV (ok, I AGREE there, I've seen children's programming and it sucks), people who don't go to their church, people who don't go to their church, and people who don't go to their church. Hatred, hatred, hatred. I went to a b-day party yesterday for one of my friends, and all the other people there were from The Church. I'm still not sure why I was invited.

I was really close to this couple in college, love their kiddos, have gone through many, many stupid/traumatic, rediculous moments with them. I know who they were, and they were as close to perfect as anyone would want to get. But now, they are in this church, and are segregating themselves from their friends, family, and society in general. And pouring money into it. This church has a multi-million dollar budget.

I have a feeling that they will be sequestering themselves even more in the coming years. I'll miss them.

I don't remember jesus ever hating, spiting, hurting, or segregating himself from those unlike him. He loved and cared for them. How can these people possibly live with themselves when they can't go for one birthday party without spewing hatred?


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