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8:36 a.m. - 2007-08-12
Living on a soapbox.
This company is running me ragged. Flying hither and fro every month. I really want to make it up to Chigacoland to harrass and smooch my favorite friend from the Great Lakes, but Jesis, these people I work for keep yanking me around the country.

The good thing is that I'm becoming very important person in the company, I'm getting another promotion awefully soon, which means more money, I'm getting some stick cashed out soon and debt will be going bye bye sooner than expected, because I don't have the time or engery to spend it like I used to, and except for traveling, I'm on this huge reducing debt and build wealth so I can retire early and say fuck you someday.

In other news, I spied a p0rn movie on one of those free premium channels I got for renewing my cable, and I finally found one with a big, tatooed, pierced, almost ugly man. The music and sex were stil tacky, and I didn't get to see any important parts of the male anatomy (hello????), but I was happy to see a little progress in casting. I might have been a little late to the party yesterday...

And speaking of man candy, I got that movie Spart@, because I know that any movie with Gewrard Butler even half naked will be a good one. I'll watch it as I clean my house this afternoon.

Hey, you know? I went to moo cow country last weekend for a work thing, and we all met up at a co-worker's house for a picnic, and the freaking thing was 8000 square feet of lakefront house. This is the kind of waste and blatent wealth exibitionism that I find repulsive. People are starving in America, and two people live in a 8000 square foot house.

My house is 400 square feet, and Its all I really need. I may buy a modest home one day, but you can bet I'll never use up that many natural resources on a fucking useless mansion when people die without airconditioning and heat because they can't afford it.

OK. I'm off my soap box for now.

I need a life...


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