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10:17 p.m. - 2007-09-04
I told Yoga friend that I'm not going to the beach. Because her roomie creeps me out and irritates the hell out of me when he's drunk. He's been drinking for four days straight now, promising each day that its the last.

And he's a childish, whiny, mean, persistant stupid ass drunk. So I want nothing to do with him.

She agrees with me, and is considering kicking him out of her house. Unfortunately, she is scared to live alone, and has a soft heart. She doesn't want to abandon him when she's his only friend.

I gave advice when solicited, and told her that her own comfort, safety and sanity came first. She owns the damn house. And she's uncomfortable with him living there anymore. He's changed. He needs to go back to the shelter and to AA and get his shit together.

If I had to wager a guess though, he's going to go further down into the black hole before, if ever, he gets back up again. His thinking is flawed. The mindset of an addict. And I sure don't know how that changes.

I feel sorry for her. But am keeping my distance. I see red flags all around him. I did even when I was fascinated by him at first. Which is why I never went there... That and I'm not attracted to skinny guys who wear sandals.

But I knew for certain that there was anger and unhingedness (yes, I made it up) in there lurking.

He's a very angry man.

And right now, he thinks that Zen would make a tasty snack. Only, I think he'd like me with a side of fava beans and a nice Chianti.

Can I please have a sane, relatively well adjusted, slightly deviant, self-supporting, compassionate, strong, preferably big, ugly man for a change???

I'm soooo ready.


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